The follow are beers that have been brewed by Slack Tide Brewery. Please visit The Tap List to find beers currently available our Tasting Room.


5 Fathom {Pale Ale}

ABV 5.9%

5 Fathom is a crisp, smooth, easy drinking American-Style Pale Ale.  We use Ahtanum and Mosaic hops and combine them with a firm malt backbone with caramel malt for color. We also dry hop the beer to give it a citrus and floral nose but without the back end bitterness you'd find in an IPA.

Angry Osprey {American IPA}

ABV 6.8%

This hop-forward offering is highlighted by pine and citrus notes in its profile. Osprey is dry hopped with Citra and Centennial hops to provide a pleasant aroma to go along with a malty backbone.

Bell Buoy {Belgian Blonde}

ABV 7.3%

Our award winning Bell Buoy is a classic Belgian Blonde Ale.  Pale in color and with a clean white head. We use Belgian yeast which gives the beer a complex, slightly sweet flavor with a dry finish. This beer won 1st place at the 2016 Philly Inquirer Brewvitational.

Monkey Face {Dry Stout}

ABV 5.3%

Monkey Face is a dry stout with an opaque, black appearance. This full-bodied beer has a roasted coffee flavor with an underlying creaminess and features a generous tan head with excellent retention. Monkey Face is near and dear to our hearts because we brew it as a memorial tribute to our beloved mother, Jane, who our uncles called "monkey face" when she was growing up.

Tipsy Dipsy {American DIPA}

ABV 8%

This is the third of our rotating double IPA's.  Once we started canning we decided to add it to our line of flagship beers. This beer is loaded with Citra hops.  The beer has a very pleasant nose and a clean malt bill making for a highly drinkable DIPA. 

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Jacob Jones {New England Style DIPA}

ABV 8.7%

Jacob Jones is the production name of an experimental NE DIPA we did named Tackle Box #4.  We use Kviek yeast that ferments at very high temperatures. The yeast also helps accentuate the tropical flavors of the hops.  We named this beer after the WWII destroyer "Jacob Jones"  that was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Cape May in 1942.  

The Ridge {New England IPA}

ABV 6.6%

Named after the AC Ridge, a very productive offshore fishing spot. The Ridge combines huge amounts of El Dorado, Vic Secret and other hops to produce a hazy New England Style IPA with loads of character.Add Description here

Estuary {New England DIPA}

ABV 8%

Estuary is a New England Style Double IPA.  Copiously hopped with  El Dorado, Simcoe and Citra hops Estuary is packed with hop flavor.  It is has a hazy golden color and is a little dank.

Counter Current {East Coast IPA}

ABV 6.5%

This dank and hazy East Coast-style IPA is brewed with hops and Lupulin powder, which comes from the yellow gland of a hop plant in which the hop acids and the essential oils can be found and where most of the brewing value in hops lie.

Doormat {American IPA}

ABV 7.0%


With it's hazy color and hop-forward nose, this IPA utilizes hops from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres and is our take on a New England Style IPA.

Sandspike {Session IPA}

ABV 4.7%

This highly crushable seasonal IPA is aggressively hopped with just 3 varieties throughout the boil, and dry hopped to finish. With a light malt backbone and big hop nose, it's the perfect summertime IPA.

Livewell {American IPA}

ABV 6.7%

This beer was brewed on our 3 BBL system by home brewer Sean Karge, winner of the Cape May Brewers Association IPA competition. Sean may be an amateur brewer, but this is no amateur beer! 

Old Grounds {American IPA}

ABV 7.3%

Our 1 Year Anniversary beer, Old Grounds is loaded with hops and has a unique malt backbone to give you a very drinkable American IPA. This beer just happens to be named after one of our favorite fishing spots and we hope it will become one of your favorite IPAs.

Knockdown {Black IPA}

ABV 8.3%

Our award winning Knockdown is a Black IPA that is steadily hopped throughout the boil. This ale combines Columbus and Simcoe hops with dark malts to make a truly exceptional blending of aroma and flavor. This beer took a bronze medal at the best of Craft Beer awards in 2017.

Thermocline {Double IPA}

ABV 8.8%

This hazy, exotic IPA features hops from New Zealand combined with American malts to make a unique brew.  Highlighted by a citrusy nose reminiscent of fresh squeezed OJ. This smooth drinking ale packs a punch at 8.8% ABV.

Reef 11 {Rye IPA}

ABV 7.1%

Reef 11, our Rye IPA, is named after a very productive local fishing spot. This beer combines the bite of rye with the piney citrus notes of the hops to bring you a highly drinkable IPA.

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Manatee Milk {Milk Stout}

ABV 5.7%

This is our interpretation of a milk stout.  We rack it on crushed Honduras Pacavita coffee and real vanilla beans.  The result is a creamy stout with notes of coffee.  It almost like drinking coffee with cream.

Turbulent Tide {Oyster Stout}

ABV 6%

Oyster Stout made with Elder Point Oysters in Collaboration with Cape May Salt Oyster Co.  We use whole fresh farm raised oysters right in the boil.  The result is a stout has a pleasing slightly briny finish   Contains shellfish!