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Our Story

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Slack Tide Brewing Company was founded in 2015 by Jason and Tadhg Campbell, two brothers raised in Cape May County, New Jersey. Their philosophy is simple. Create a diverse and high-quality line of beers made with all-natural ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. And, make Slack Tide Brewing Company a destination in Cape May County where locals feel at home and visitors look forward to returning.

Slack Tide Brewing opened in 2015 with a 27-gallon brewing system and a 6-barrel cellar. As we grew, we upgraded to a 3-barrel system and 18-barrel cellar space. Then, in September 2018 we began canning our beer. In April 2019, Slack Tide expanded to a 10 Barrel System with a 120-barrel cellar. In the Fall of 2020, we upgraded our canning line to increase the number of cans that are produced. Then in early 2021, we received several new tanks. This is the system that we run off of today! We have sent some of our beers to competitions and gratefully received several awards. Including a bronze from the GABF for Avalon Amber and a silver in the ACBF for Angry Osprey. See others on our Awards Page. In December of 2021, we canned our One-Millionth can. 


In early 2022 we began breaking ground on our new brewery site. We are looking forward to expanding into our new building in mid-2023. Check out the Tasting Room information.


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